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Party Subs

Advance notice required on all catering items. Four (4) day notice required for 5' Party Subs.

5' Party Sub

A 5' party sub serves 25-30 people. Four (4) days advanced notice is required on all 5' party subs.

Trays & Platters

Advance notice of 24 hours required on all catering items, including all trays and platters.

Chicken Party Trays

Chicken party trays serve 15-20 people. All chicken party trays are served with your choice of dipping sauces, and your choice of flavor for Wingz. 24 hr. notice required.

Assorted Sandwich Tray


Serves 10-12 people, with the serving equivalent of a small sub. 24 hrs. notice required for orders

Deli Platter


Serves 15-20, with a serving equivalent of a small sub. A selection of deli meats and cheeses. 24 hrs. notice required.

Catered Salad

The Big Salad


Serves 10-12, with a serving equivalent of an entrée salad. 24 hours notice required.

Parties & Lunches

Customized parties and lunches.

Bag Lunches

We provide individual lunches customized to meet your particular requirements for groups of any size! Call the store for volume pricing discounts.

Pizza Parties

We can arrange for pizza parties for your group of any size. Call the store for volume pricing discounts.